2017 Perth Magic Millions

Western Breeders Alliance:
Phil Ibbotson (Westbury Park), Brent Atwell (Darling View Thoroughbreds), Wayne Beynon (Einoncliff Park)

47CDundeelRunzonredSlade Bloodstock$70,000
83CPlaying GodSpeedo SalPatrick Payne$62,500
251CPierroFauchonAquanita Racing P/L$60,000
33CPatronizeRed Belly BlackPortelli Racing$46,000
62CFoxwedgeSerious ImpactDion Luciani$45,000
54CPatronizeSassy FlyerDavid Harrison$40,000
171CPatronizeBelissimo BabeBen Pearce Racing$40,000
321FChoisirLittle Wonder WhyAshley Maley$40,000
356CCharge ForwardMoltaMillfields Park$40,000
368FShamus AwardNothing But A GrinPaula Wagg$32,000
290CPatronizeJev ExpressNeville Parnham Racing$31,000
121CPlaying GodUnsettledNeville Parnham Racing$30,000
142FMy AdmirationAbitcrypticDavid Harrison$30,000
84CMy AdmirationSplit RockGrant & Alana Williams$18,000
284FMy AdmirationI'm Jester GalCommercial Bloodstock Services P/L (FBAA)$7,000
42FPatronizeRose of MayPsd $25,000 Res $35,000
51FMy AdmirationSanctusPsd $7,000 Res $15,000
206FMaschinoColumberdine GirlPsd $14,000 Res $15,000
289CWar ChantJestcenyPsd $70,000 Res $100,000
343CUniversal RulerMinervePsd $6,000 Res $10,000
228FOratorioDeal Me OutPsd $22,500 Res $30,000
273FOratorioHastePsd $7,000 Res $10,000
40FPatronizeRock Revivalwithdrawn

Turnover – $591,500 / Average – $39,433

Pedigrees and/or Photos of Lots can be viewed at: https://ecat.magicmillions.com.au/viewAll/17PPR